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Anti-Freeze and Quick Set Admixture

StenMix® QUICK is an antifreeze admixture which protects the fresh concrete against freezing and allows production of high quality concrete by decreasing setting time at low temperatures.


High Performance Retarding Admixture

  • Modified polysaccharide based retarding admixture
  • Decreases the risk of cold joints
  • Enables to pour high quality concrete at high ambient temperatures
  • Allows to transfer fresh concrete to longer distances
  • It lets concrete to be vibrated again
  • Does not contain chlorides or any other ingredients to cause corrosion
  • Increase the ultimate strength of concrete

It is a ready to use modified polysaccharide based retarding admixture for Portland cement concrete. StenMix® RETARD conforms to standards TS EN 934-2 C8 (Set Retarding Admixture) and ASTM C 494 Type A,B,D. It is used in structural concrete and mass concrete applications where extended and controlled setting times required in fresh concrete. Used as a set retarder for pouring large volumes of concrete, transferring concrete to long distances or placing concrete during hot weather. It allows concrete to be worked for an extended period and helps avoiding cold joints.