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StenCoat 2EP-CT

Solvent Free Isolation Membrane Modified with Coal Tar

  • It is epoxy and refined coal tar based.
  • It contains no VOC.
  • It has very high mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • It protects the surface it covers against corrosive effects of sea water.
  • It does not allow microbiological contamination and vegetation.

StenCoat® 2EP-CT is a heavy duty type anticorrosion and waterproofing membrane produced from refined coal tar, additives and epoxy resin. It contains no VOC. It forms a non-brittle, water impermeable protection coat with high mechanical and chemical resistance. It protects surfaces exposed to sea against corrosion. StenCoat® 2EP-CT especially does not allow microbiological contamination and vegetation. It is used in protecting indoors and outdoors surfaces at waste water, sewer systems, outdoors surfaces at clean water facilities, all kinds of underground facilities such as canal, foundation and pipeline and in water isolation, roof and wall isolation; on vertical or horizontal concrete, asphalt, steel or wooden surfaces.