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  • About Us

    Our company Stenkim Chemicals is a construction chemicals producer founded in 1986. Our current product portfolio mainly consists of sealants, floorings, coatings, admixtures, concrete repair and reinforcement products, water proofing materials and polycarboxylates. The know-how and engineering skills acquired over 30 years are utilized to design and manufacture products that match or exceed the quality of our multinational competitors. We are always designing new products and expanding our portfolio to fulfill evolving demands of the construction sector, as well as unique demands of specific construction projects. We are the first and sometimes the only domestic producer of many pioneering construction chemicals. Our dynamic structure, our devotion to continuous improvement and our determination and enthusiasm sustained our growth throughout the years.

    Stenkim’s founding idea is to design, manufacture and certify products that conform to the current standards. We are able to achieve this goal with our expert design engineers, highly sophisticated production and R&D facilities and our homegrown technologies. The uncompromising Stenkim quality is the result of meticulous quality checks at each step of the production, from acceptance of the raw materials to approval of the finished goods. Our focus on quality extends to our services as well as our products. We aim to give the best possible product experience not only to our customers but also to all people and businesses we touch.

    We strive to meet aesthetic and technical demands of the contemporary construction market. We are a customer focused, employee empowered company with a high level of environmental and social sensibility. So far, we have been active in 5 continents and 35 different countries, with subsidiaries and distributors in 6 different countries.  Our goal is to become one of the globally recognized brands.

  • Our Commitments

    ► To have a place in the international market with our efficient and leading R&D studies and products.


    ► To provide products in the most appropriate way and to serve our customers' needs without compromising our quality.


    ► To improve the organizational structure by ensuring the continuity of a customer-oriented organization that values its employees, has high social responsibility and environmental awareness.


    ► Create solutions for the aesthetic and technical problems of architects and contractors that allow the construction of buildings that meet the requirements of the age.

  • Environmental Policy

    ► To perform all stages of production in accordance with the applicable standards and legal regulations, and with a high level of awareness towards the environment and nature.


    ► To ensure the protection of natural resources by using suitable technologies that least harm the environment based on the available technical and economical means.


    ► To ensure the continuity of the organization’s high level of environmental awareness in both the workplace and social life through technological innovations and by supporting the training of the personnel.