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StenCoat 3EP GRIP

Epoxy based, Transparent, Anti-Slip coating

  • Epoxy based, transparent nonskid coating
  • It is suitable for use at places contacting with water frequently
  • It provides anti skid properties at wet places such as bath tubs, pool edges, kitchens
  • It protects the surface without changing its appearance.
  • It forms a durable, hygienic, antichalking floor.

StenCoat® 3EP GRIP is an epoxy based, three component skid resistant varnish. It can be used at places where slippery floors may exist, such as; wet areas, around of pools, bathtubs, tile floors, kitchens, entrance of buildings, restaurants, malls, hotels. The surface it is applied on becomes safer, more skid and abrasion resistant. It can be applied on concrete, metal surfaces, grouts, wooden, glazed tile, granite, marble and different kinds of natural stones without changing the appearance of the surface.