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StenSport SD 601

General Purpose Floor Coating for Indoor – Outdoor Sports Grounds

  • It is polyurethane based.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor sports grounds.
  • It is elastic and self leveling.
  • It has higher mechanical resistance and longer service life compared to other flooring.
  • It is resistant to outdoor conditions.
  • It has wide variety of use from children playgrounds to weight lifting halls.

StenSport® SD601 is a two component, polyurethane based, solvent-free, self leveling elastic floor coating for indoor and outdoor sports grounds. It is a coating with high impact absorption, slide, piercing, tearing and abrasion resistance. It is resistant to chemicals, physical stresses and floor movements. It can be used as the protective coating for the impact absorbent layer, as a binder for EPDM granules or as the final protective layer. It can be used at sports halls, weight lifting gymnasiums, skating, dance and gymnastic halls, health centers, children playgrounds. It is suitable for concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, wooden, inlay and asphalt surfaces.