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StenMix HIPA 410HS-RS

High Range Water Reducer / Super Plasticizer

  • Polycarboxylic ether based high range water reducing, superplasticising admixture
  • It improves surface finish and density
  • It is slump retentive and set retarding
  • It can be used with high early strength precast and prestressed concrete
  • It improves workability
  • It eliminates the risk of segregation during concrete transport and placement
  • It reduces the amount of vibration required
  • It decreases the permeability of the concrete by decreasing amount of water required by 15% - 30% when dosage limits are observed

It is a ready to use polycarboxylic ether (PC) based, high range, water reducing, superplasticising admixture for portland cement concrete. StenMix® HIPA 410HS-RS conforms to requirements of TS EN 934-2 Table 3 (High Range Water Reducer/Plasticizer Standard) and ASTM C 494 Type G (Standard Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Concrete - Water Reducing, High Range and Retarding Admixtures).