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StenSport SEALER

General Purpose Mattress Coating for Indoor – Outdoor Sports Grounds

  • It is polyurethane based, two component.
  • It contains no VOC.
  • It is resistant to physical stresses and minor floor movements.
  • It has high impact absorption, high resistance to piercing, tearing and abrasion. 

StenSport® SEALER can be used at all kinds of sports grounds. It is used for filling the pores of the shock absorbent layer formed by binding rubber granules with the polyurethane binder and also in other indoor or outdoor synthetic floor applications. At places where separate shock absorbent layer is not used, it is used as the shock absorbent layer or for proper leveling the surface of the floor. It is suitable for rubber, polyurethane, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, wooden inlay and asphalt surfaces.