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StenCoat 2EP 210

Expoxy Based Floor Coating Paint

  • It is epoxy based, two component floor coating.
  • It is decorative.
  • It forms a hygienic floor.
  • Catalog colors are available.

Two component epoxy based, decorative floor coating. It has high slip, excellent abrasion resistance and low dirt pickup. It can be used as an economical floor coating on concrete floors or as top coat for StenFloor seamless flooring products. It is resistant to weak organic acids and bases, detergents, disinfectants, hydraulic fluids, many solvents and fuels. StenCoat® 2EP210 prevents dusting of, wetting of and water permeation to the surface and increases its resistance to dirt pickup and oxidation.

StenCoat 2EP 211

Epoxy Based, Two component and Textured Surface

  • It is solvent free.
  • It is decorative, forms a textured surface.
  • It forms a hygienic floor. 

Two component, epoxy based thixotropic paint. It has high scracth, abrasion and skid resistance with a rough orange peel like finish. It can be used as a top coat paint for “ StenFloor” branded products, and also as a coating for economical applications. It enhances the mechanical and chemical strength of the floor. Paint preserves its color and its mechanical properties for a long time. It can be used as protective and/or decorative coating at hygienic floors, wet areas, social spaces, offices, shops, etc. Its surface roughness can be adjusted related to its purpose of use.