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Water Retentive Polymer Based Pigmented Emulsion

  • It is polymer-based water emulsion
  • Thanks to its white colour reflect sunlight better, prevents rapid heating and water loss in fresh concrete
  • It prevents shrinkage cracks by forming a protective layer on fresh concrete
  • It prevents strength loss of the concrete
  • It improves anti-dust ability and abrasion resistance of concrete
  • Cement based materials can be directly applied over treated surface
  • It is suitable for interior and exterior use
  • It is easy to apply

Ready to use polymer based, membrane forming material that prevents water loss in fresh concrete. Meets the requirements of ASTM C309 Type 2 Class B. It forms a protective layer on new concrete surface and prevents water loss. It prevents resistance losses and shrinkage cracks that may be caused by premature water loss. The sprayed material makes it unnecessary to take any other precaution (watering or laying wet straw mat, wet sand and oilcloth) for the same purpose.