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StenScreed 600G

Polyurethane Based High Performance Floor Coating

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Suitable for all heavy traffic conditions.
  • It has very high chemical resistance
  • Compatible thermal expansion to concrete
  • Resistance to thermal shocks (+160 °C)
  • Excessive impact resistance
  • Waterborne structure allows to be applied on 7 days old concrete
  • Solvent free and can be used all food processing plants, hospitals, laboratories and similar hygiene areas
  • Non-slip surface can be used safely
  • Microbiologically inert and easy to clean
  • No extra expansion joints needed

StenScreed® 600G is a three-component polyurethane based, waterborne, cement and aggregate compounded, high performance polymeric floor coating. It is rapid curing, self-leveling and slip resistant. StenScreed® 600G has an excellent thermal and chemical resistance.  It forms a seamless long lasting and reliable coating system resistant to abrasion, penetration and chemical effects. It is resistant to organic and inorganic acids and alkalis, oils, fuels and anti-freezes and many chemicals. It creates a smooth, easy to clean, non-tainting, non-dusting and microbiologically inert surface on floors. With its outstanding physical properties, StenScreed® 600G allows pressurized cold – hot water and steam cleaning. StenScreed® 600G is formulated regarding contemporary emission expectations and environment friendliness.