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General Purpose, Mattress Adhesive for Indoor – Outdoor Sports Grounds

  • It is polyurethane based, two component.
  • It is used in adhesion of mattresses used in seamless floor applications.
  • It can also be used as the binder of rubber granules in the shock absorbent layer.
  • It contains no VOC.
  • It is resistant to chemicals, physical stresses and minor floor movements

It is used in adhesion of materials with similar or different surface structures. It is suitable for places with underfloor heating. It provides a strong but elastic adhesion for all major floor coating materials, tiles and shock absorbent mattresses on all kinds of floors. It is used in adhesion of heat and sound insulation tiles, rubber sheets, wooden inlay and laminated tiles to all kinds of floors and to each other. StenSport® ADHESIVE 2PU is used at all kinds of sports grounds. It is also used in outdoors synthetic floor applications or indoors floor coatings, as the binder of the shock absorbent layer composed of the binding of rubber granules as well as in adhesion of ready-made rubber granüle mattresses. StenSport® ADHESIVE 2PU is used in adhesion of floor coating materials such as inlay, linoleum and PVC plate on concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, wooden inlay, asphalt or other surfaces.