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StenCoat 2EP 250

Epoxy Based Floor Coating

  • It is decorative.
  • It forms a hygienic floor.
  • Catalog colors are available.
  • It creates a smooth surface with high slip resistance and low dirt pick up.
  • Surfaces coated with it are easily cleaned, easily dried and inhibits dust.

StenCoat® 2EP 250 is a two component epoxy based, decorative floor coating. It has excellent abrasion resistance and low dirt pickup. It can be used as an economical floor coating on concrete floors and StenCoat® 2EP 250 is improved for multilayer systems. It is highly filiable with quartz sand. It is resistant to weak organic acids and bases, detergents, disinfectants, hydraulic fluids, many solvents and fuels. StenCoat® 2EP 250 prevents dusting of, wetting of and water permeation to the surface and increases its resistance to dirt pickup and oxidation. Catalog colors are available.