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StenCoat 2EPV 201 PLUS

Epoxy Based Transparent Floor Varnish

  • Transparent
  • Covers the cracks and joints of the surface
  • It is water-proof and has high adhesion
  • It has high abrasion resistance
  • Easy to clean, dry quickly and anti-chalking
  • Forms a hygienic, clean and resistant surface
  • Long service life with high chemical resistance

It is a two-component epoxy based, transparent, decorative varnish. StenCoat® 2EPV201 is resistant to outdoor conditions. StenCoat® 2EPV201 Is resistant to pool chemicals, weak acids and bases, detergents, disinfectants, fuel oil, hydraulic, etc. StenCoat® 2EPV 201 PLUS prevents dusting of, wetting of and water permeation to the surface and increases its resistance to dirt pickup and oxidation.