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StenCoat 2PTM 213

Polyurethane Based, Coal-Tar Modified Two Component Liquid Isolation Membrane

  • It is Polyurethane/Coal-Tar based, elastomeric water isolation membrane
  • It is solvent free.
  • Its seamless form enables a long lasting water impermeable protection.
  • It is highly elastic and has crack bridging ability .
  • It does not allow microbiological formations.
  • It has a very wide range of application areas from terraces to foundations; municipal infrastructures to flower beds.

StenCoat® 2PTM 213 is a two component, coal-tar modified polyurethane based, solvent free, elastic liquid isolation membrane. StenCoat® 2PTM 213 is used for vertical surfaces. It is suitable for non-traffic bearing surfaces or under protective layers. It forms a durable, seamless and water impermeable coating. It is a very elastic membrane with perfect crack bridging ability. It can tolerate minor building movements and newly formed cracks.

StenCoat® 2PTM 213 complies with water isolation membranes with separate wearing course standard ASTM C 836. StenCoat® 2PTM 213 is not suitable to contact with drinking water.