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StenCare 2MA 310

Methacrylate Based Self Leveling Repair and Coating Material

  • It is methacrylate based.
  • It is heavy duty.
  • It is rapid curing and could be used all emergency repair.
  • It has high load bearing properties.
  • It is resistant to chemicals.
  • It is a long lasting material convenient to use.

A heavy duty, solvent-free, pourable grade methacrylate base repair and coating material. It has high adhesion and abrasion resistance properties, and it is resistant to chemicals. It is resistant to weak organic and inorganic acids and alkalies, oils, fuels and antifreezes and many chemicals. Very rapid curing used in repairing old concrete surfaces, broken slab and joint edges, as adherence promoter between old concrete and fresh concrete, for rigid anchorages and dowel bar fixing. It is used indoors and outdoors, in all kinds of repair where elasticity is not required. It has excellent adhesion to concrete, metal and wooden surfaces, and provides a stable and durable repair.