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StenSeal 2PS 111

Water and Chemical Resistant, Cold Applied, Polysulfide Based, Non-Sagging Type Joint Sealant

  • It is polysulfide based, two component.
  • It is cold applied.
  • It cures chemically.
  • It is thixotropic, nonsaging
  • It has high abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion.
  • It is resistant to dynamic movements.
  • It can be used sloped, vertical and overhead joints
  • It is resistant to waste and salt waters, solvents, fuels, oils, diluted acids and bases, various chemicals.
  • It can also be used in repairing cracks in concrete pavements.

Two component, cold applied, chemically curing, non-sagging type, polysulfide based, elastomeric material with high abrasion resistance and adhesion; suitable for heavy traffic conditions; resistant to waste waters, solvents, fuels, hydraulic fluids and oils and dynamic movements. Thixotropic sealant and can be used for sloped, vertical and overhead joints.