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StenSeal SI 110

Self Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant

  • Silicone based, single component.
  • Ultra elastic with low-modulus and high elongation
  • +100/-50 movement capability
  • Ideal for horizontal joints
  • Primer free application
  • Adheres to asphalt and cement concrete
  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to jet fuels, oils, diluted acids and bases, various chemicals.
  • Resistant to UV radiation, does not discolor
  • Resistant to jet blast and high temperature
  • Ready to use and easy to apply
  • Ideal for airports, highways and large outdoor pavements

Single component, cold applied, self leveling, low modulus silicone joint sealant. StenSeal® SI 110 is designed for outdoor concrete pavements and  resistant to all elements. It is suitable for heavy traffic conditions,  jet blast and non-continuous chemical contact.  StenSeal® SI 110 is resistant to fuels, hydraulic fluids and oils and dynamic movements. It is highly resistant to UV radiation and temperature extremes. It is for horizontal joints and cracks. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. It is suitable for joints of airports, roads, bridges, refineries, chemical facilities. It is used at expansion and contraction joints.  It can be applied to asphalt or cement concrete pavements. It adheres to properly prepared joints without a primer.