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StenCoat 2PUM 211

Polyurethane Based, Two Component Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

  • It is polyurethane based, elastomeric waterproofing membrane.
  • It is solvent free.
  • It forms a seamless, breathing, longlasting water impermeable membrane.
  • It is highly elastic and has crack bridging ability.
  • It is applied very easily.
  • Catalog colors are available.

StenCoat® 2PUM 211 is a two component, polyurethane based, solvent free, highly elastic, decorative, liquid waterproofing membrane. StenCoat® 2PUM 211 is used for vertical surfaces. It is used at terrace, roof and wall isolations. It is a liquid material which forms a breathing, seamless, elastic and water impermeable membrane. It is a very elastic membrane with perfect crack bridging ability. It can tolerate minor building movements and newly formed cracks.