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StenCare 3EP QC

Rapid Curing Type Epoxy Based Repair and Coating Mortar

  • It is epoxy based.
    It is heavy duty and anti-slip form.
    It is rapid curing and could be used all types of repair.
    It has high load bearing properties.
    It is 100% compatible with concrete
    It is ideal for small or large concrete repairs
    It is resistant to chemicals.
    It is a long lasting material convenient to use

Heavy duty, duty rapid curing type solvent free epoxy based coating and repair mortar which can be applied by pouring, and forms a high bearing capacity and anti-slip floor with special size solid fillers. It is used as two or three components. It has high adhesion and abrasion resistance properties, and it is resistant to chemicals. Polymeric mixture matches thermal expansions of the concrete made of Portland cement and has excellent adhesion to concrete. It is resistant to weak organic and inorganic acids and alkalies, oils, fuels and antifreezes and many chemicals.