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StenSilan T

Hydrophobic , Surface Impregnation and Protection Material for Brick, Tile and Earthenwares

  • It is silane based and single component.
  • It is a low viscosity transparent fluid.
  • It does not prevent breathing and change the natural appearance of surface it is applied on.
  • It can be applied on many different surfaces; like brick, tile, concrete, natural stones, etc.
  • It has very high surface covering and diffusion properties.
  • It is impregnating, it does not form a film layer on the surface.
  • Liquids left on the surface can be easily cleaned by wiping and leave no stain.

StenSilan T is a single component, silane based, water impermeability and impregnation material for all brick, tile, clay shingle, unglazed ceramics, gas concrete, prefabricated concrete panels, floor tiles, natural stones and similar surfaces.