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StenSilan WW

Hydrophobic, Surface Impregnation and Protection Material

  • It is a water borne, silane based ready to use surface protector.
  • It is a low viscosity transparent fluid.
  • It makes mineral surfaces hydrophobic and prevents water to permeate under the coating.
  • It has very high surface covering and diffusion properties.
  • It is impregnating, does not form a film layer on the surface.
  • It is resistant to UV radiation and it also increases the resistance of the surface it covers.
  • It does not change the natural appearance of surface.

StenSilan WW is a single component, silane based, water impermeability and impregnation material for all mineral surfaces. StenSilan WW has chemical groups that react with mineral surfaces. These groups are chemically bound to the surface and make the surface hydrophobic (water repellent). It has high surface covering and diffusion properties. It is milk-like water borne liquid forming an invisible layer after application. It is resistant to UV radiation and it also increases the resistance of the surface it covers.