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StenAst LTX

Epoxy Based, Two Component Primer

  • It is epoxy based.
  • It can tolerate moisture.
  • It penetrates deep into the concrete and inhibits water diffusion into the top coating and prevents adhesive failures at the coating interface.
  • It provides excellent adhesion of top coats on concrete, steel, epoxy and polyurethane substrates.

Three component, epoxy based primer, prepared for top coats and surface materials such as StenFloor®, StenCoat®, StenSeal®, StenSport®, StenCare® to be applied especially on concrete, steel, wooden, epoxy and polyurethane surfaces. It can be used as a moisture barrier for the surfaces where surface coating materials such as StenFloor® or StenSport® will be applied on outdoor and basement concrete floors. It is preferred on rough, absorbent and cracked surfaces due to its high impregnation properties. It penetrates deep into the cracks and pores in these surfaces and makes the floor ready for top coating. It is also used alone at places with shrinkage cracks to protect the concrete from freeze-thaw damage.