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StenCoat 2PUV 203

Polyurethane based, Two component, Transparent Varnish

  • It is polyurethane based and two component.
  • It is transparent. 
  • It is resistant to UV radiation, does not discolor and loose its elasticity.
  • It can be used in all kinds of horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Surfaces coated with it are easily cleaned, easily dried and inhibits dust.
  • It covers the cracks, defects and joints of the floor and provides a smooth top coat. It is resistant to fuels and oils.

StenCoat® 2PUV 203 is a polyurethane based, two component, transparent water impermeability membrane. Resistant to UV radiation, does not loose its elasticity and discolor. It prevents wetting of and water permeation to the surface and increases its resistance to oxidation and abrasion.