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StenSeal PU 300

Single Component, Heavy Duty Type, Polyurethane Based, Solvent-free, High Strength Joint Sealant

  • It is single component
  • It is polyurethane based
  • It is elastic, heavy duty type ready to use self-leveling joint sealant

StenSeal® PU300 is single component, polyurethane based, elastic, heavy duty type ready to use self-leveling joint sealant. It enables fast and easy application. It is highly elastic and has high abrasion resistance and adhesion properties. It is suitable for heavy traffic conditions and resistant to dynamic movements. It has high strength and grindable surface. StenSeal® PU300 is preferred in indoor and outdoor horizontal joints where both bearing strength and elasticity are required. Harbor areas, bridge connections, airfields, highways, industrial facilities and warehouses are some of its main application areas. It is resistant to organic and inorganic acids and alkalies, oils, fuels, antifreezes, many chemicals and UV radiation.