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StenCoat CR-L

Acrylic Latex Based Marking Paint

  • Single component with acrylic latex resin binder
  • Water based
  • Provides high visibility
  • Glass beads can be added for making paint reflective
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions
  • Dries quickly

It is an acrylic latex based road marking paint. It is a water borne, single component material. It is easy to apply and it dries quickly. Catalog colors are available. StenCoat® CR-L is resistant to traffic and outdoor conditions. StenCoat® CR-L conforms to TS EN 1871 and FS TT-P-1952. It is used as a road marking paint on asphalt and concrete surfaces. For marking parking lots, curbs and other areas when very fast dry times are not critical and water based or low VOC coatings are required. StenCoat® CR-L is intended for use in marking parking lots, airports and roads. The paint dries to no pickup in less than 60 minutes when properly applied under most environmental conditions.