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StenCoat 2EP-WT Receives Its Compliance Report for Drinking Water Systems

9 Ekim 2019 Çarşamba

StenCoat 2EP WT is an epoxy based, two component coating material designed especially for protecting concrete and steel surfaces, which is harmless to human health. StenCoat 2EP WT prevents metal and concrete water tanks, liquid storage areas, swimming pools, etc. against corrosion and other damages caused by water contact that are exposed to continuous water by preventing wetting and permeation of the surface. It has high mechanical and chemical resistance.

We have documented the usability of our product in contact with drinking water under BS 6920.

As a result of the tests carried out by the Chemical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, it was concluded that our Stencoat 2EP WT product is suitable for use in drinking water systems in terms of element impurities that may contaminate water within the scope of BS 6920. Thus, we share the joy of being able to recommend our product to our customers with a clear consience.