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STENSEAL SI 110 / 111

3 Temmuz 2020 Cuma

In the World of Concrete 2020 exhibition held in Las Vegas, Stenkim® launched its new silicone-based joint sealants made especially for the highways, concrete and asphalt pavements.

Adhering to asphalt and concrete surfaces without the need for a primer, long service time, high mobility and low modulus are among the prominent features of silicon series.

Single component silicone series products are fully compliant with both American ASTM D 5893 and European EN 14188-2 standards. It is the only joint sealant in the market that meets both of these high standards without compromising.

StenSeal® SI series products, which have high resistance to water contact, UV rays and excessive temperatures, protect the function and appearance as they were the first day.

StenSeal® SI 110: Self leveling silicone joint sealant for horizontal applications.

StenSeal® SI 111: Non-sagging silicone sealant for vertical and overhead applications.

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