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StenCoat 2EP-WT

Epoxy Based, Harmless, Water Impermeable Protective Paint

  • It is two component epoxy based.
  • It can be used at water tanks.
  • It is solvent-free.
  • It is harmless to human health after cure.
  • It can be used safely at closed areas.
  • It is water and vapor impermeable.
  • It has high mechanical and chemical resitance.

StenCoat® 2EP-WT is a two component epoxy based, protective paint for water tanks. It can be used on concrete or metal surfaces. It forms a water impermeable layer and protects the surfaces of storage tanks from corrosion and unwanted effects of continuous fluid contact. StenCoat® 2EP-WT has very high mechanical and chemical resistance. StenCoat® 2EP-WT is a solvent-free coating and can be used at indoors and closed areas without any problem. It can be used safely in contact with drinking water or food.