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StenFloor 6000

Polyurea Based Heavy Duty Coating

  • It is polyurea based.
  • It contains no VOC.
  • It can be easily and quickly applied by an spraying machine.
  • It becomes serviceable soon after application.
  • It can be applied even under high humidity or very low temperature conditions.
  • It is a long lasting material with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance.

StenFloor® 6000 is a heavy duty, highly elastic, quick curing, solvent free seamless coating and flooring system. It has high skid, tear, abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. It is long lasting coating with excellent resistance to chemicals, physical stresses and minor floor movements. It retains its outstanding elasticity even under cold conditions and resistant to UV radiation. It is resistant to organic and inorganic acids and alkalies, oils, fuels and antifreezes. It can be sprayed on horizontal and vertical surfaces, at chemical process areas, food preparation places, clean rooms, printing houses, cafeterias, workshops, factories, hospitals and social building floors.