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Alkali Free Set Accelerator

  • Increases the early strength of the concrete considerably
  • Decreases time until initial and final setting
  • Ready to use for shotcrete applications
  • Compatible with other concrete admixtures
  • Alkali free
  • Comparable 28 days strength to unaccelerated concrete

It is a ready to use set accelerator based on aluminum sulphate. It can be used for set acceleration of all portland cement concrete. It is especially suitable for shotcrete applications. It can be used with dry mix and wet mix. It increases early strength considerably without compromising on ultimate strengths. It can be used where a accelerated setting, hardening and strengthening of concrete is required. It is mainly used for wet mix shotcrete applications where substantially reduced hydration times are required.

It is used for quick application of tunnel lining, ground consolidation, slopes, embankments, surface repairs with shotcrete. It can be used for formulation of low rebound concrete, with low cracking and high strength gain in the first 24 hours. It is suitable for cold weather use.